Embraced by Grace




Miss Jodi is a testimony of the sufficient grace of God. It has been my privilege to serve as her pastor since 2001. Although she has suffered through many trials in her life, her faith in God has been evidence in her living and is certainly experienced as you read her writing. Few people have the ability to write the type of poetry that is in this book. However, the author not only has the ability to write with poetic talent, she writes from a Christian’s point of view that is expressing the testimony of God’s good grace and love. As you read each poem you will see pictures come to life in your mind and hopefully you will experience a touch of the grace of God for your own trials and difficulties. Miss Jodi has served the Lord as a faithful diligent secretary for our Christian academy since she has been in our church. May the Lord bless the writing work of this book and bless those who will read it. My prayer is that God and His Grace would be seen for what each is – Sufficient. Though the trials of life are great, the grace of God is sufficient -Pastor Jeff Fugate

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