Works of the Holy Spirit




Pastor Carl Hatmaker was a hero of mine. There were several men whom I’ve considered “Great Men” and were heroes to me. My Fundamental Preacher Heroes included men like my father Sam Fugate, Lester Roloff (My first airplane ride was with Brother Roloff in his personal airplane); Jack Hyles of Hammond, Indiana, of whom I preached for nine times and he for me; Tom Malone of Pontiac, Michigan, Lee Roberson of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a few others. Of the men that I considered to be a hero to me, Pastor Carl Hatmaker would be on the short list.

Brother Hatmaker did not pastor the largest church in the state or town – but he was a tremendous, faithful soul winner, loved his wife and church, stood firm for truth and right, and was an encourager to me. Brother Hatmaker stood well over six feet seven inches tall as a man and even taller as a Soldier of the Cross. I will remember and appreciate my dear friend Pastor Carl Hatmaker for all of my life and ministry.
– Pastor Jeff Fugate

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