Zoom Games For All

Find your Pandemic Name.
You can rename yourself in zoom. This uses that feature. It is a little confusing, because you won’t know who is who. But it’s hilarious.

Scavenger hunt.
Call out an item in the first person to run around and get that item and show the camera wins the point. Most person with the points wins.

Make sure you have the whiteboard feature enabled. You can play pictionary. It’s hilarious to have people try and draw an elephant with the mouse cursor. For example.

I Spy.
For larger groups, you can play I spy. Everyone has to look at the grid of people to find the item that The hosts is spying.

For a trivia base games, we have been using the chat feature. The first person to write the correct answer in the chat gets the point. It’s easy to tell who typed in first, cuz it will be at the top of the list.

Best Background.
You can change your background. You will have a virtual background. It’s kind of like a green screen. Have everyone do that and take a vote for who has the most creative background. You can upload any picture you want.

We are going to start using the online service called Kahoot. It’s a great interactive trivia game service. It would fit well with Zoom.

Talking Heads.
The goal is to create one crazy long sentence. Each person can only say one word to add to the sentence. Go through each person one word at a time.

You will always have civilians, a mafia, a doctor, and a sheriff. In the Zoom modification, you will (as the host) randomly select students’ roles either with an actual deck of cards, or with whatever method you choose. Then, you can privately message each student their role. Then, you play like normal. You can mute everyone so that there isn’t any sound except for your voice, and then each student can privately message their answers to you (who the mafia wants to kill, who the doctor wants to save, who the sheriff accuses, and so on…). Then, when everyone wakes up, you can unmute them and let the fun begin!

Box of Lies.
The Zoom modification is that each person who comes to your Zoom meeting would bring the “weirdest” thing they can find in their house and keep it out of sight of their camera. Then, each person will take a turn describing their object (either lying or telling the truth – they decide). Everyone else holds up either a “thumbs up” for telling the truth or a “thumbs down” for lying. Then the person who was it shows their object, and you can keep points on how many people were right or wrong about the person lying or telling the truth.

True Facts. 
This is simple simple! Everyone privately messages the host a secret fact about themselves, and then the host shares them one by one. Everyone then has to vote who they think it belongs to. See if your students can fool the others! This is great to learn about your group, but also for your kids to feel connected to each other.

Nasty Condiment War Challenge.
https://youtu.be/NpBIUejoxZI Two people (leaders most likely) play war with cards. If you loose, you have to take a tablespoon worth of the condiment of the winner’s choosing. The Leaders have to get a collection of weird condiments they had on hand.

Reverse Charades
Get a stack of cards with charade clues on each, have just one student turn away from their screen while you show everyone else the cue. When they turn back, count to three and have everyone else act out the charade. Note: The Mute All feature could help anyone who is tempted with (accidentally) cheating.

Elimination Heads or Tails
Have students stand up and predict a coin flip to be heads or tails (or assign each side a different name). To “vote” on heads, place both hands on your head… tails, place both hands… near where a tail would be! If you’re eliminated, sit down. Works as a good starter game. Winner could choose the next game or be the coin flipper for the following round(s).

You can pick up a simple bingo game at any store or make your own. They can make a 5 by 5 square cards. B I N G O across the top and fill the boxes- B=1-15, I=16-30, N=31-45, G=46-60 and O=61-75. If you can’t get a hold of a bingo cage set, you can make a spin top (like twister).

You can load boggle screens or make your own. Box grid with one letter per box. They find words, list them out over a set 3-4 minutes. At the end of the time you each read through your list of words and if someone else has the word you cross it off. No words less than 3 letters. Words can go across, diagonal and so on. Each letter can only be used once in each word.