The Youth Pastor starts singing a hymn while muted… Everyone then has to guess what you are singing in the chat. The first person to answer will receive a point. Play to 5. Below are some hymns you can start out with, but you can do any song you want!

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. There’s Not A Friend
  3. Come Thou Fount
  4. Peace Like A River
  5. A Mighty Fortress
  6. Be Thou My Vision
  7. Blessed Assurance
  8. Holy, Holy, Holy
  9. It Is Well
  10. Just As I Am

As the YP, it is all the students verse you. Make sure you do Rock-paper-scissor-shoot. Everyone in the group will be playing against just you. If your play beats theirs they are out of that round, have them keep track of this in the chat. Play until the last person is standing.

Have a list of items students need to collect throughout their home. Name each item one at a time and give everyone 20 seconds. Each item is worth a different amount of points. Have students tally their own points in the chat.

i. Coffee mug- 1
ii. Blanket- 1
iii. A phone charger- 2
iv. Plant-2
v. Physical Bible- 3
vi. Hand sanitizer- 3
vii. Toilet Paper- 5
viii. A garden tool- 5
ix. A pet- 2
x. A baby/younger sibling- 5


Get 10 different landscape photos of well-known places from around the world. Then, go into your zoom and add them into your backgrounds. you can do this by clicking on your menu button in the bottom left of your screen. Click on choose virtual background. When you get here, make sure to go to the bottom of the menu and check I have a green screen. Then you can add whatever you want. Once these are all loaded, all you have to do is switch the landscapes back and forth and let your students guess where you are. First one to respond in the chat gets a point!

5. THE 25
As a group, tell everyone to turn their mics on. You will count to 25 together, but only one at a time. If two people speak at the same time, you have to start over. If you want to make this expert level, have everyone do it with their video off! If 25 is too easy, see if you can do any higher!.

6. One-word stories
Make sure everyone’s mic is on. The YP will be recording and not playing. Create an order in which you will tell your story. One by one call on students, they have to continue the story but can only say one word. As they are telling the story, record it in the chat and send it as soon as they are done so they can see the story they told together! You can do one really long one, or several small stories.

7. WHO AM I?
All of your students send you a fact about them that no one else knows that they would be comfortable sharing. When you are on your zoom, you can read the facts to everyone on at a time. Everyone in the group will guess who that person is! They can guess in the chat. The person that gets the most right is the winner.

Have everyone in the call go to chat except for one person. Tell them to stay off of it. As a group, decide on a movement that everyone in the group can do and the one person not in the chat has to guess. Then everyone starts to do that movement, and the person has a 60 second timer to guess whatever it is. If they guess right, they get to choose the next person that will guess. Here are some ideas for movements, the more specific the better.

  1. A T-Rex making a bed
  2. A baby crying
  3. A plane landing
  4. Parachuting out of a plane
  5. Swatting a Fly
  6. Milking a Cow
  7. Giraffe Tying Its Shoe
  8. Javale McGee
  9. John Hamblin
  10. Playing On A Slide
  11. Going Down A Roller Coaster
  12. Gigging
  13. Reading The Newspaper
  14. Playing Tic-Tic-Toe
  15. Ronald McDonald