ZOOM: Epic Online Activity

1: One Word:
Begin the story with a few words and then let each teen fill in a word. “The handsome prince….” “The old brown dog”

*This also serves as a good way to test audio and connection.

2: Either, Or:
Choose a teen or worker to be the person answering questions. Ask that person “Either, Or” type questions (Either Pie or Cake, Either red or blue, Either New York or Florida) Have them enter their answers in a private chat with you on Zoom or via text message. Ask the teens to choose an answer for each question by holding up 1 finger or 2.
Those who are wrong are out. Those who are right stay in.

*Either, Or Questions Attached*

3: Rock, Paper, Scissors:
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Have teens to play each other in Rock, Paper, Scissors and go until there is only one winner.

4: Silent Sing A Long:
Mute your mic and sing the words to Hymns, encouraging the teens to answer via chat.

*Hymns from a Hymnbook work great*

5: Name the State:
Using the attached list of state outlines. Share your screen with each one asking the teens to name the state pictured.

*State Pics Attached*

6: WAR:
Workers play the classic card game WAR. Only the teens pick a worker to cheer for. 1 will win, 3 will lose. The teens of the winning team get to choose what the losing workers have to eat..

*We used condiments from my fridge* (Mustard, Ketchup, Soy Sauce, Hot Sauce, Salsa)

7: Corona-Trivia:
For this game, the teens answered some trivia questions about Coronavirus. First one to answer in the chat, wins.

1. Where did the first outbreak happen? WuHa, China
2. What is the Technical Name for the Coronavirus? – COV-19
3. What was the first animal to catch The virus in the US – Tiger
4. How far are we to stay from one another? – 6Ft
5. The Virus began from people eating what? – Bats
6. When was the first death in the US – Feb 6th
7. Who is the Head of the Corona Virus task force – Mike Pence
8. What color is the flag of quarantine? Yellow
9. How long do you have to be quarantined when traveling between states? – 14 days
10. What is team Kentucky’s color – Green

8: Where Am I:
Using the downloaded pics of famous places, I show each one and the first teen to name the landmark in the chat wins. You could also change your background using these.


9: Who Am I:
Have all of the teens send you a little known fact about themselves privately through the chat or via text message. Ask all of the teens to guess who you are talking about…

10: 5 Star Review:
Using Amazon Reviews and a list of many of the weird things available on Amazon. Ask the teens which item matches the review.

*Reviews and Answers Attached*

11: Symphony of Synonymns
Take the name of Hymns and Choruses and replace the words with synonyms. It is awesome. “Strength lies in life giving fluid- There is Power in the Blood” Have teens to guess. Whoever guesses first wins.

Symphony of Synonyms
1. There is strength in the life giving fluid – Power in the blood
2. In bethlehem’s child only – In Christ Alone
3. A yellow and black flying insect thou my 2020 – Be thou my Vision
4. Take up thy residence with me – Abide with me
5. marvelously getting what I don’t deserve- Amazing Grace
6. Happy-Happy Confidence – Blessed Assurance (Double Cheeseburger confidence)
7. everything is alright with my eternal being – It is well with my soul
8. Beautiful Christ – fairest Lord Jesus
9. Stay in the spot where bullets are passing your head – keep on the firing line
10. The path of the wooden death trap leads to your abode – The way of the Cross leads home
11. I will rendevous with you in the waking hours – i’ll meet you in the morning
12. Hark! for a Ciliad of tasting organs – Oh for a thousand tongues
13. Aged rough piece of Wood – old rugged Cross
14. On Michael’s torrid shore – On Jordan’s Stormy Banks
15. When I look at Life giving fluid – When I see the Blood
16. Handwaiving Strength – Pentecostal Power

12: Quarantine Scavenger Hunt-
Take a list of items and ask the teens to bring them to the screen.

*List of Items Attached*

William Davis – cy
Youth Pastor | Clays Mill Baptist Church