ZOOM 2.0

1. Family Feud

To play this the same way we did you must first download the app sidekick

This is a great game for a guys vs girls competition. Determine which side goes first and then give them the category. If they get the answer right then they get to choose whether their team wants to play this category or pass. If the pass then the other team gets to play the category and the passing team gets a chance to steal if the team to whom it was passed gets three strikes. If they choose to play, you must then go by grade on that team. For instance if the girls go first and choose to play on the category Bible Characters That Knew Jesus, you then start by asking for a volunteer from the seventh grade girls to give the best answer. After she gives her answer you continue on the girls side going up by grade until they reach three strikes. If the 12th grade girl gets the answer right then go back to another 7th grade girl and continue the cycle until either the team has three strikes or gets all the options correct. If they get three strikes then the boys would have a chance to steal all the points earned by the girls. In order to steal the points one boy is selected to give an answer. If that answer is on the board they steal. If it is not then the girls get all the points.


2. Occupation

In this game each contestant picks an occupation that they will assume. They then private message on zoom or text the YP what occupation they are. Once all the teens have submitted who they are, the YP then reads the list of occupations out loud only 2 times through. After that he is not allowed to read aloud the occupations. One person is selected to start the guessing. The goal is to guess all the other contestants occupation. Once a contestant is guessed he is out for that round. Whoever is the last man standing is the winner.

3. Charades

The YP Private messages one contestant what they are to act out. They then must act out that out and all other contestants are to guess. First one to guess it is the winner


4. Pictionary

This game involves the whiteboard part on the share the screen. This is nice because all the contestants and see and share the whiteboard. Simply highlight one contestant to where their screen is the only one visible by all players. Message them privately what they are to draw and the first other contestant who guesses correctly is the winner.


5. Poser


6. Price Is Right – Walmart

THIS IS GREAT FOR GUYS vs GIRLS COMPETITION. Plays the same as the classic game show. You Show them a picture of the item and then both teams must guess the price of the item. Whoever is the closest without going over is the winner.


7. Pixalate


8 Knock Off

This is the game for those of us who are poor. Ever use an off brand of something? That is what this game is simply ask your teens to guess which knock off name is correct for the major brand.

I.E. – Starbucks is the main brand one of these is a real name used for the knock off…..

a. Sunbucks coffee
b. Starmoney coffee
c. Brightbucks coffee
d. Shinemoney coffee


9. Candy Bar Chopped

Simply download the pictures for the file and show them the pictures to your teens. The pictures are the cross sections of candy bars. Who ever writes the answer in the chat first gets one point.



10. Which Verse Is BIBLE?

The YP reads both of the proverbs and the teens have to decide which one is Bible and which one is just a proverb. *THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE BOTH BIBLE AND SOME THAT ARE BOTH NOT BIBLE*