You Never Know Until You Say “Hello”

Romans 16:21 “Timotheus my workfellow, and Lucius, and Jason, and Sosipater, my kinsmen, salute you.”

If we were to notice and pay attention we would see the words “salute” and  “greet” used over 16 times. Paul here is ends the book of Romans in greeting  and salutation, and places a special emphasis on saying “hello” to several groups of people. It is with this thought in mind that I would like to mention to you.  There is a lost practice and act of kindness in saying “hello”. One of the highest causes of teen suicide is the feeling of rejection and being avoided. How many times do we walk by people at church, in our youth group, or Sunday School without ever saying “hello”? You don’t know what a warm handshake and friendly “hello how are you?” may do for a person. You don’t know what friend you might make or blessing you might receive by just saying “hello” and starting a conversation with someone. Think of that person that person in your church that sits on the back row and never says a word or talks to anyone. You may think “their just quiet and don’t want to talk”, but they may just be scared, shy, or troubled and need a friend to talk to them and say “hello”. A need seen is a command given. If you see someone who is lonely and friendless and you still ignore them, if they feel unloved, unwanted, or unappreciated it’s your fault!

       Paul here isn’t asking for a hello, waiting for someone to shake his hand, or even ask him how he’s doing, rather he is initiating a hello being friendly with regardless if someone is friendly back. Don’t be so selfish with your kindness Remember that God was kind to you first, and he was so whether you accepted Him or not. We ought to be more like Christ and our example Paul. Say hello, cause you never know!

You just never know when to someone you say hello
Just how much they are in need
Or what kind of burden they carry

You just never know when to someone you say hello
How a friend they so need
But are too afraid to show it

You just never know when to someone you say hello
What help you might receive
By giving of yourself so freely

You just never know when to someone you say hello
For so many times the hand that is needed
Is the one that is never asked for

-Bro. John M. Seay