Ye are Salt!

Luke 14:34 “Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned?”
Salt is good which is something we all know to be true. We as Americans are quick to put salt on something if it’s to bland. When we compare our text with the text in Luke we understand that we are the salt of the earth and that is a
good thing. Salt has so many properties that are good. We should have these same properties as the “Salt of the Earth”
  1. Seasoning– simply makes things taste better, we should be an attractive example of how great Christianity is, therefore; people will want to taste it. People don’t generally eat things if it doesn’t look tasty Job 6:6. so we are the seasoning that makes people want to try it!
  2. Healing properties– I have used salt to heal ulcers in my mouth. I’ve heard of many people soaking in Epsom Salt for various reasons to get relief from pain. God desires for us to help the broken, hurting, and wounded. He has given us the ministry of reconciliation.
  3. Cleaning properties– Salt is great for getting blood out of clothing as well as other stains. Salt will also clean that stink smell out of your shoes. God desires for us to help others around us get their life cleaned up for His glory.
  4. Gardening– Salt will kill weeds but also contains magnesium and sulfur which really helps blooming and enhances the plants green color. God desires for us to be that Salt that helps others grow and bloom into what God would have them to be
  5. Melting– Salt melts ice. We hear of Salt trucks in the north just for the purpose of melting ice. God can use us to melt through a cold heart of stone.
  6. Preserves– In olden days before freezers were in every house people used to preserve meat with salt. Salt will also keep a gallon of milk fresher longer by adding just a pinch then shaking it up. God desires for us to preserve the old time way while also keeping it fresh. Just as Noah was Salt and preserved his family from judgement. Just as Abraham was Salt and preserved Lot’s family, yet Lot still lost his wife because he (Lot) wasn’t the Salt should’ve been. Its interesting to know that Salt is what she as turned into! We can be a preserver and keep someone from the eternal Judgment of God! The old time way is dead or out of style. It’s Salty!

How are we doing at being salt? Notice in our text its clear to see that salt can become useless by losing its savour. When we lose our Savour we are no longer “good” salt. The word Savour means Strength- its not bland. There is something potent about it. Its strong. If we are not salty its because we are not strong (savory) • If we are going to be salty we have to stay strong (savory) How do I stay strong, so that I may stay salty?

I. Stay Straight
     A. 2 Timothy 2:1-2
           1. Paul is telling Timothy in Chapter 1 of some good things and some bad times- everyone in Asia turned away from him
           2. In vs. 1 he says “be strong”
           3. In vs. 2 he says continue teaching and doing the “SAME” things
                   * We don’t need something new we just need to sell out to what has been tried and proven for years.
    B.Joshua 1:6-8
           1. Joshua is listening to Moses instruction as he emphasizes keeping straight
           2. Don’t Turn
           3. This is where you find success and prospering.
II. Stand Fast
    A. 1 Corinthians 16:13
           1. Paul in the closing of his letter to the Church at Corinth says “stand fast in the faith… strong”
           2. Stand fast simply means as it sounds- to be firm and stationary.
           3. Notice that it was in the faith. We also see in Romans 4:20 and Acts 3:16 where faith made men strong.
    B.Galatians 5:1
          1. Bondage brings weakness just as it did in Samson’s life, therefore; we must stand fast in God’s freedom (liberty)
III. Suit Up
   A. Ephesians 6:10-11
        1. Notice the phrase “put on”
        2. This requires personal action so that we can be strong- we must put on the armor of God if we are going to be strong and stay salty
        3. The armor of God is put on through a walk with God
   B. Romans 13:12-14
        1. Notice the phrase “put on” again
        2. verse 12 lets us know “Its time”
        3. Make no provision for the flesh- to quit, complain, or even be half-hearted. “Put On Christ”
•How Salty are we?
• Are we staying straight?
• Are we standing fast?
• Are we suited up?
If not then the Bible teaches us that we are not fulfilling God’s desire for our life and the Bible says we become “good for nothing”. It’s just like Solomon realized he had wasted much of his life on things that were vanity- good for noting. Are we becoming salty disciples? We must stay strong!
Daniel Mariet | YP
Walker Springs Baptist Church
Jackson, Alabama