Why Every Young Man Should Work A Secular Job

Genesis 2:15 “And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”

God created in man the need to work. Even before the fall, we see that God gave Adam a job to do! There is not a single occupation in our world today that I believe is more important than being a preacher of the Gospel! If God is calling you, I URGE you to answer! It is the greatest calling in the world! 

However, I want to share some observations about why I believe EVERY young man should work at least one secular job before going into full-time ministry:

1. Because God created you to work!

God may have called you into full time ministry, but that will not happen until after high school and probably college! In the mean time, you are still a man that God created to work! Full-time ministry is a LOT of work, so it is good to develop good work habits before entering the ministry! I have observed a few good young men who grew up with the “silver spoon in their mouth”. They never had to work for anything! While they are in full-time ministry, they will struggle because they have never learned to work hard!

2. It will help you learn a trade!

There is going to be a point where you will need extra income to support your family! Having experience will help you get jobs when you need them (REMEMBER: secular jobs are a means to an end. If God called you to full-time work I believe it is wrong to focus more time on your secular work!)

3. Its a great way to build relationships!

I have brought more adult co-workers to church than all of my door knocking combined! It is easier to build a good relationship because you see them everyday! 

4. It helps you relate to people

I know what it is like to fall asleep in church on a Wednesday night! Its not because I wasn’t interested- I was just plain tired! When you work 40-60 hrs you realize the physical drain that comes with it. You realize the sacrifice it takes to give your money and time to serve the Lord! It also helps you see the satanic oppression that your people see every week at work! I have worked at many different jobs. I have met the religious elite all the way down to people who have lived in the worst possible sin. I have seen what the Devil has done to some of these people. It gives you compassion both for the unsaved and for your church members!

I trust these things will be a help to you! Obviously you should follow your pastor and parents leading in where to get a job!

James Young

Church Planter | Jasper, IN