Whipped Marshmallow


Whipped Marshmallow is fun game if you like marshmallows and whip cream. The object of this game is to find a mini-marshmallow in a pile of whip cream- with your mouth. That’s right no hands allowed!

Items Needed:

Whip cream
Paper plates
Trash bags
Crazy contestants!!!

How to Play

Take a paper plate and put a mini-marshmallow on the plate. Next shake the whip cream and then spray the whip cream on the plate so that the marshmallow is not visible. Then have the contestants try to find the marshmallow with their mouth. When the contestants find the marshmallow have them show you the marshmallow. (If the contestants are worried about getting the whip cream on their clothes take a trash bag and cut an opening in the bottom and have them wear the trash bag like a poncho.)