In 1936 two friends served together at a Sunday school conference in Alabama. At lunch they shared what God was doing in their lives. One of the friends named R.S. Jones was a missionary and told the other, B.B. McKinney, about how he had grown to love the country of Brazil. He had been serving there for years and had just recently come home on furlough to the states. B.B. Mckinney, a hymn writer, asked Jones why he had such a sad countenance. Jones explained to McKinney how he had just received the news that a health issue would keep him from returning to the country. This news was heartbreaking to the missionary. The hymn writer asked, “What will you do?” And through tears, the missionary told McKinney, “Wherever He leads, I’ll go.”

McKinney was so moved that he penned the classic hymn that afternoon and sang it that night after Jones preached. Since then, this song has been sung at invitation times, crusades, revivals, and worship services all across the world. 

We may not always know where He will lead, but we do know that we can choose to follow. The next time we stand at a crossroads of indecision and are asked what we will do, may we have the grace to reply like R.S. Jones and B.B. McKinney, “Wherever He leads, I’ll go.”