Where’s My Hat


Find your teammate and place the hat on their head

Items Needed:

  • Hats or BK crowns
  • Blindfolds
  • Chairs

How To Play:

You will need to get 5 teams of 2 people. One person of the team is given a blindfold. Their partner is to stand in front of a chair behind that person. the blind folded person is then spun 3-5 times, and then let go to find their partner and place the crown or hat on their head. The player whose head is receiving the hat is not allowed to speak so the blindfolded players are fumbling around on the stage looking for their partner. The blindfolded people may place the crown on the wrong persons head this does not mean that they are out, but they must continue until they have found their team mate. The first duo done is the winner, but I would allow everyone else to finish because it is sometime the last person who is the funniest to watch.


A fun thing to do to change up the game up is when the blindfolded people are being spun around you make all the people who are sitting down change seats. It adds another element of fun.