Where Have You Been Gleaning?

Ruth 2:19 “And her mother in law said unto her, Where hast thou gleaned to day? and where wroughtest thou? blessed be he that did take knowledge of thee. And she shewed her mother in law with whom she had wrought, and said, The man’s name with whom I wrought to day is Boaz.”

My granny asked, “Where have you been Mr.?” It was a Sunday
morning. Logan and I were all dressed up for Easter Sunday at church and had gone outside to play. You can probably fill in the rest. We went out to the mud hole and did what boys do best…we got dirty. She knew exactly where we had been by the dirt we had picked up. There was no mistaking it. We were in trouble!

Ruth came in from the fields and Naomi could tell where she had been. She asked here, “Where hast thou gleaned today?” Or “Where have you been gathering? Ruth must have had barley or grass on her clothes. Something gave it away to Naomi that Ruth had been in the fields.

Where have you been gleaning? Whether you realize it or not, you have it on you. When you glean from the world’s music, movies and media, it gets on you. It gets in your appearance and your attitude.
When you glean in sinful activity, it gets on you. It gets in your heart and mind.
When you glean in criticism and negativity, it gets on you. It gets in your spirit and speech. On the same note, when you glean in spiritual things, they also get on you. The Bible, prayer, preaching and good friends will be evident in your life.
Wherever you spend your time, you will quickly notice the effects of the your environment on your life. You cannot control how things influence but you can control what you allow to influence you. Watch where you glean!

Where have you been gleaning? Do you need to change your spot?

William Davis

Youth Pastor | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church