What’s Wrong with C.I.N.O.

2 Timothy 3:5, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:
from such turn away.”

What is the problem with C.I.NO you ask? That would be the problem of being Christian In Name Only. Have you ever filled out one of those questionnaire forms that ask you what your hobbies are or what activities do you regularly enjoy? At the risk of looking lame by being really honest you put down white water rafting, moto cross, sky diving, hiking, sport fishing, or something just as equally crazy because either you have kinda did something like it one time or you really are going to do it once you get your driver’s license, earn some money, and your mom doesn’t have to fill out your permission slip! In reality you come home from school, text a lot, watch TV and do your homework and your chores. You were an adventurer in name only.

The problems with being a C.I.N.O. are as follows:

You are Unsure Spiritually: Are you truly saved by faith in Jesus or are you a Christian simply because you were raised in a Christian home and attend church? Standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car, and going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. Can you take me to a specific place and tell me about a specific time that you placed your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you?

You are Unsettled Practically: Living the life of a C.I.N.O. is hard work. You have to put on the act in front of your family and church staff all while living a completely double life behind their backs. Your Facebook posts and playlists on your iPod reveal that you are not interested in nor are you involved in godly spiritual things. You are uninterested in eternity: In your mind and heart Heaven can wait. You are not looking forward to the sound of the trumpet to signal the rapture, in fact you dread the very thought of Jesus’ return.

You are an Undermining Influence: The worst part about being a C.I.N.O. is the damage you cause to the spiritual growth of those around you. Your mixed signals and worldly lifestyle are confusing to those who need to become Christians and to people young in the Lord than you.

Robert Pophal
Senior Pastor | Rose Park Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan