What Do You Think About Me?

Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. ”

This question is asked silently many times a day. Does anyone really care?
Bro. Hyles said often if every young person knew that just one person cared about him or her that young person could make it in life. I am concernd about the young people but more and more I am concerned about the older people, the examples, the leaders—the words that come out of our mouths to the young people. I recently attempted to convey to a group of ladies that someone is watching each one of them all the time. I’d like to carry that a bit further—every one of us is being LISTENED TO by someone almost all the time. Obviously when we’re alone, only Jesus can hear us, but anyone within hearing distance is listening to what is coming out of our mouths.
I’m reminded of one of the many life-changing statements made by Mrs. Marlene Evans – “I see gold glittering.” She looked for the gold in everyone. Now, I admit, some people’s gold is a very deeply buried treasure, but it’s down there! Most of our death-giving words could be replaced by life-giving words if we would just take our “shut-up” times and look for the gold, then express that. You would be delightfully shocked at the gold you discover in people when you look for it. Then, as those young followers hear what you think of them, they began to blossom and grow. The opposite result takes effect when death-giving words are given—the young followers withdraw more, and shrink, so to speak, with no inspiration to improve. Imagine right now the young person in your classroom, your home, your church, your youth group, your college, even for our peers—they wonder many times a day, “What do YOU think about me?” I believe it’s time we tell them! Give life!

-Ms. Zana Reichen