Wearing Multiple Hats in the Ministry

Proverbs 11:1, “A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.”

God is looking for and in search of men! Leadership on the part of men is almost extinct.


  1. Do your job.
    1. Be an asset, not a liability.
    2. Do more than you are told.
    3. Don’t forget things.
    4. Take notes at meetings.


  1. Pray for your pastor and let him know.


  1. Be sensitive to the way the pastor wants things done.
    1. Your motto should be: “There is a way we do things around here.”


  1. Be loyal.
    1. Loyalty is not silent.
    2. Loyalty silences critics.
    3. Loyalty defends.
    4. Loyalty means, “legible.” People should easily “read” your loyalty.


  1. Schedule your time with God first.


  1. Schedule your church time.


  1. Schedule your family time.


  1. Get a passion about life.


  1. Set goals in every are of life.


  1. Live for others.


  1. Listen to hot preaching sermons!


  1. Give above and beyond the tithe.


  1. Make it clear that you agree with all church policies.
    1. Teens should not be able to use you as a wedge against authority.


  1. Write your pastor encouraging notes.
    1. Be specific in your praise.


  1. Be thankful.


  1. Remember him and his family on special occasions.
    1. Remember their special days.
    2. Spoil your pastor and his family.


  1. Be prepared at staff meetings.
    1. Never stop your pastor for “hallway counseling” during the week.
    2. Important questions should be prepared ahead of time for your staff meetings.
    3. A question is not very important if a person doesn’t think of it until he sees the pastor.


  1. Learn to say, “I’m sorry.”


  1. Do good to everyone.


  1. Never quit

Jonathan Wells|Youth Pastor

Parkside Baptist Church,  Mesquite, TX