Water Blow-out


Be the person that stays dry

Items Needed:

Clear plastic tubing



How to Play:

You will need to contestants, probably best if they are similar in age. Give each contestant an end of the plastic tubing. Next put about eight to twelve oz of water in the tube. Enough water so that when the tube is held by either contestant the water touches both the top and bottom of the tube. Next put the skittles in the water, this will change the turn the color of the water (optional). ¬†Then have each contestant blow into the tube. Whoever doesn’t blow as hard as the other person will get splashed in the face with water.

You can put a trash bag over the contestant so that they do not get as wet. Also it is helpful to have to pieces of plastic tubing so that your workers can clean the tube after each use and not have to wait until the tube is clean.