Watchman, What of the Night?

A Call to Action

The Bible says in Isaiah 62:6 “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence.” In Bible days, the cities were walled. A city was vulnerable to an attack if the walls were down or if they were breached. As you read the story of Nehemiah it will dawn on you just how important the walls were. Equally important were the watchmen. They were placed in strategic positions on the wall and they were to warn the people if an attack was coming. While the city slept, the watchmen looked into the night and waited for a sign of danger. In the event that an enemy decided to attack, the watchman’s voice would thunder throughout the city calling on men to defend the walls. Let me ask you a question? How valuable was a silent watchman? If a watchman fell asleep or simply was neglectful in sounding the alarm it would mean the destruction of the entire city.

I ask you the same question posed in Isaiah 21:11 “Watchman, what of the night?” May I answer and say that the night is as dark as it’s ever been. Wicked organizations like Planned Parenthood push their ungodly agenda. The legalization of drugs and gay marriage reveal the moral decline of America. Decreased church attendance points to the fact that the night is dark. The atheist societies in America are growing and they are assaulting every reference to Jesus Christ in the public arena. The prince and power of the air has more tools at his disposal than he has ever had, and he has gained ground on the church in this hour. I ask you again “Watchman, what of the night?” I think you will agree – it’s as dark as it’s ever been.

I ask you a second question, “Why have the watchmen grown silent?” The night is dark, the enemy is advancing but it is eerily quiet in our churches and youth groups.

Where are the watchmen who will lift their voice and thunder out against the threat of the enemy? Where are the watchmen who are proclaiming that the battle must be fought, yet reminding that the victory has been won through Jesus Christ? We have abandoned our post as watchmen and settled for a comfortable spot in the center of the city where we can blend in with everyone else. Our preachers have traded preaching for “talks.” Instead of soulwinning we prefer to “connect.” While we are talking and connecting, the enemy is assaulting. Words like separation and holiness give off a negative vibe even among the brethren – they’re not negative words in the eyes of Almighty God! We’ve grown silent, refusing to speak up. Afraid to step out and reluctant to get in! All the while, the night grows darker and the enemy advances towards the city. My heart is stirred! What began as a simple article has turned into a passionate plea for VOICES! We need men and women of courage, who will take their post above the crowd and lift their voices against the enemy! I have decided to be a voice for Jesus Christ. Join Me! Use your voice to proclaim Jesus and save a city! ‘Ye that make mention of The Lord KEEP NOT SILENCE’

A few thoughts concerning this subject:

  1. The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Light.

As the world grows increasingly dark, the Christian should stand out that much more. May I remind you of a few key passages in the Bible? Matthew 5:16 says ‘Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ We live in an hour where the night is dark and where the Christian has a dimmer switch on their light and they are rapidly decreasing their brightness. Liberal preachers promote the dimming down of standards and say things like “They need to see that we’re normal before they listen to the message.” They promote what I call “Covert Christianity.” It’s like they are special forces agents, who camouflage themselves with the worlds music and dress and language and behavior. Their goal is to ‘build relationships’ so eventually they can slip Jesus into some conversation and reveal, to everyone’s surprise, that they are Christians.

I believe that relationships are good, and need to be built, but I am not called to build bridges to worldliness and ungodliness! I am called to rise above that, and take my post above the city as a watchman and shine as bright as I possibly can for Jesus!

The darker the Night, the brighter the light!

Light was never intended to blend with darkness, Light drives away darkness. Watchmen were never meant to be silent ‘Ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence’ I’ve heard it said “The outside doesn’t matter, God sees the heart.” I agree that God sees the heart, will you agree that people see the outside? As a watchman, I’m not crying out to warn God – He knows the dangers! As light, I’m not shining to guide God, He knows the way! My light is to shine ‘before men’ and those men are to ‘see’ my good works.

This idea of being a watchman is not “Covert Christianity” it is actually “Overt Christianity!” Again, the night is dark and what good is a silent watchman?


  1. The Night is Dark and the Watchmen are abandoning their post

A concerned occupant of the city walks by the wall, there’s a feeling in the air that danger is imminent and so he cries out “Watchman, what of the Night?” and there is no reply. He grows nervous and he cries out again only to be met with deafening silence. Today, I feel the spirit of unrest in our land. I hear the rustling of the leaves and an unsettling wind is blowing through. Signs of the times are everywhere. The world is looking for answers, and are being met with silence. The watchmen have stepped down. Weary of crying out, and lonely at their post they have come off the wall in the worlds most crucial hour!

Oh, how we need a generation to stand and cry out for the sake of the city! A new generation determined to do their part to warn and shine for Jesus Christ! A new generation with strong voices, sharp eyes and Biblical convictions! A new generation that says “Compromise is a dirty word – the city is more important than that!” A new generation that loves the souls in their city and wants to see them saved from the enemy. I ask you, teenager “Watchman, what of the night?” Is there a watchman in your city, in your school or in your youth group? Lets run buses, be soulwinners, have high Biblical standards of dress and conduct. As soldiers, good soldiers, lets take our post together and save a city!

Abdel Judeh

Abdel Judah

Assistant Pastor | Landmark Baptist Church

Parkersburg, WV