Watch What You Watch!

II Timothy 2:16 – “But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.”

This will not be popular with many, but the truth is still the truth. I believe there is an epidemic raging about in the lives of not just Christians, but preachers as well. I will spare you the time of researching all the Scriptures about living clean and holy because, if you are a preacher, you preach these verses regularly and have forgotten more of them than most people can remember. You already know we are called to live holy and righteous, yet there is a glaring problem we notice, not when we examine our life in ministry, but more so when we examine our personal lives at home.

The hard truth is, many of us in the ministry monitor what music we listen to, what websites we visit, what places we go…I know of many that will not go to a restaurant that sells alcohol, yet we willingly watch TV shows and movies that curse God, mock God, and profusely use profane language. Since when have we decided that was acceptable? If we found out that one of our Christian school kids were listening to a 3 minute song with one curse word, we would lose our minds (and rightly so)! However, we will sit through a three hour long movie with cursing, drinking, sensuality, and immodesty without even batting an eye.

I’ve heard the justification, “Well you hear cursing in real life all time. What’s the difference if I hear it on TV?” I find many faults with this reasoning. Allow me to illustrate: nearly every time I go to Walmart, there are always 3-4 people smoking cigarettes outside. Living in the Greater Boston area, I am exposed to second hand smoke all the time! So if I am exposed to it all the time, why don’t I let people smoke in my house? The reason why I wouldn’t allow smoking in my house is because I can control what goes on in my house. Likewise, the reason we shouldn’t allow movies and TV with profanity in our homes is because we can control what goes on in our homes!

How can we expect our teens, children, and families to live holy if we aren’t willing to lead them in an example of holiness? We set standards heaven high in church, but somehow forget that we are the church! We know that the church isn’t the building, the church is the body. We know that our body is the temple, so why do we consume so much garbage at home. Would you watch and listen to the same thing at the church with your people? Do you see the double standard there? I understand that there isn’t much on TV that is “curse word free,” so I have a suggestion that will completely blow your mind…if there is nothing wholesome on TV, then don’t watch TV! Watch sports. Watch the home improvement shows. Watch

National Geographic. I am not against any of it. However, we need to stop justifying our watching of profane TV and movies. This isn’t my rule. This is God’s rule.

Nick White | Pastor

Victory Baptist Church