Wait, What Do You Call It?

Guess the most correct answers
Items Needed:
Just A List Of Things Called By Two Different Names Commonly. (list provided at the bottom of article) Having a picture to show them for each category helps also.
How To Play:
It is an every man for himself game. Each player is given a piece of paper and a pen. Then the leader starts reading the list of conflicting items. The players must vote on what they call the item by pointing to the left if they call it the first word or pointing to the right if they call it the second word. For instance the YP gets up and reads “POP or SODA” I would point left indicating I say POP. Whichever word gets the most votes is the winner and all players who voted for that get a point which they can tally on the paper that they have. Whoever gets the most points is the winner!

Soda or Pop

Roundabout or Traffic Circle
Tennis Shoe or Sneakers
Crawfish or Crawdads
Tap or Faucet
Pill Bug or Roly Poly
Lightning Bug or Firefly
Waterbug or Waterstrider
Shopping Cart or Buggy
Remote or Clicker or Zapper
Yard Sale or Garage Sale
Sofa or Couch
The Evening Meal – Dinner or Supper
The Noon Meal – Dinner or Lunch
Drinking Fountain or Water Fountain
Wallet or Billfold
Autumn or Fall
Bathroom or Restroom
Grocery Store or Supermarket
Turn Signal or Blinker