Be the last team standing


  • Volleyball, Volleyball net

How to Play:

Two teams of 10-20 people get on opposite sides of the net. One team starts the game by throwing the ball over the net. They can serve the ball from behind the middle line on their side of the court. The ball must then be caught by a member of the other team. Then that player can take up to 2 steps and throw the ball back over the net. Optional The player can also choose to pass it to another player who can throw it back over the net. The player has to throw the ball within 5 seconds or he is blown up and that round is over. The round is finished when a player fails to catch the ball and the ball hits the ground |  the ball goes out of bounds | Player doesn’t throw it in time.

If the ball hits the ground, the player who was closest to the ball when it hit the ground is out.

If the ball is thrown out of bounds, the player who threw the ball is out

Which ever team lost a player that is the team that gets to serve starting the next round.

If a player on a team catches the ball with one hand then one of their players (the first one to get out) can come back in.

Play until one team is eliminated.


Instead of eliminating players, If you want you can keep points. Same rules apply but instead of the player leaving te game points are awarded.


This is another fun one that eliminates players. Divide the group up equally (if there is an odd number its fine there wont be for long) This is not a team game. It is every man for himself. Play starts the same with one side launching the ball over to the other side. Elimination rules apply, but one handed catches do not bring a teammate in they eliminate the player that threw the ball. Players can only eliminate players on the opposite side still. The Person who threw and got someone out on the other side of the net must then cross under the net and play on that side. This continues until all are eliminated.