Video Scavenger Hunt

The Activity:

Video scavenger hunt is a fun activity to do anytime in summer. It is an easy activity to run for there is not much set up required. Simply make a list of things that the kids are to look for throughout your. In each photo every member of that team must be in the photo, so split the youth group up into two to four teams. You will need a trustworthy youth worker or someone from your church to drive for each group of teens. Set a start time and a time that they have to be finished. Subtract points per minutes that teams are late. Have the teens send photos to you or whoever you have as a tech guy to set up the picture slide show. This slide show can be made on Windows photos or the site Cluster. We did Cluster in our hunt and it worked great.

Overall it has been a very popular activity, and a very successful one.

The Materials:

  • A vehicle for each team
  • A camera for each team (Phone)
  • List of Items
    • Take a picture with a cow
    • Take a picture with a man wearing a red hat
    • Take a picture with a person in a parking lot
    • Take a picture with a fountain
    • Take a picture with a mannequin
    • Take a picture at McDonalds
    • Take a picture with an church staff member
    • Take a picture with a fast food worker
    • Take a picture in a park
    • Take a picture in a police station/fire station
    • Take a picture with a pizza guy
    • Etc.

The Benefits:

The Video Scavenger Hunt is a great activity because it gives a lot of time to enjoy each other’s company while doing something fun. Our teenagers always enjoy looking at the pictures of all the teams, and you can always do pizza and pop while watching the pictures. I always give a devotion about a burden for the city. Everything about this activity is great. The fellowship between the teens grows them closer and makes this activity a favorite among our teenagers.


William Davis

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church