Using Social Media to Reach Teenagers

Galatians 2:2

“And I went up by revelation, and communicated unto them that gospel  which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to them which were of reputation, lest by any means I should run, or had run, in vain.”

Communication is very important in ministry and today there are becoming more and more ways for us to communicate with and for people for the Lord. The letter, the telephone, emails and now social media networking has become a very useful medium to communicate truths, updates and important information. While there are negatives and concerns, there are many positives and good uses for social media and the internet communication as well.

1. Use Social Media to Promote Activities

Social Media is a great way to let others know of times, places, and information about a special activity you may be planning or are going to. It is a great way to promote others to come and be apart of your activity, as well as showing others that you can have fun and be a Christian at the same time. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

2. Use Social Media to Track Absentees

Many times a teen that has backslid or begun to backslide won’t show there face in the Church of God, but they’ll put it all over social media. Though sad and even disappointing as it may be you can use social media to find and even reach out to those who have drifted away.

3. Use Social Media to Share Flyers for Programs and Events

Social Media is a great way to update and inform your youth group on what is coming up next. Getting them excited before the event even happens. It give them an “inside scoop” on what’s going on.

4. Use Social Media to Send Class Information

Whether it be a special Sunday promotion for that week or a special lesson series you are beginning, this is a great and quick way to let others know. It can create a type of anticipation and excitement to your teens, allowing them to invite visitors for that special week or event.

5. Use Social Media to Send Lessons and Memory Verse Information

Maybe one of your teens was out of town or unable to come church one week, but still wants to be up to date  on what’s happening, social media is a great way to get this information out. It  allows you to be a help and blessing to those who may not be apart of your youth group, but is an outsider looking in. You can use social media to reach those whom you may never know or meet, but God used that lesson or verse to help them and even change their life.

6. Use Social Media to Share Websites and Sermons that can be Helpful

With all the junk there is on the web it is an encouragement and blessing to know there are websites that can help, and even strengthen you spiritually. Besides reading your Bible, preaching is the greatest tool to keep your mind focused, faith strengthened, and heart stirred. If there is a message that spoke to your heart let others know about it, and where they can hear the great truth that you heard. You never know what truth or thought, if shared, that could help someone grow and even give their life to God.

I hope that this article is a blessing to you, and shows you how social media can help promote not only your youth group but can also let others around the country be encouraged to know what is going on in your youth department. The Devil can take anything and ruin it. Let’s use the internet to promote the Word of God, the church and the propagation of the Gospel!

William Davis

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Chruch