Using Art with the Gospel

Anyone can use art to teach

Artists can use the skills God gave them

1. Draw

2. Paint

3. Chalk Art

4. Origami

Non-artists can use the skills God gave others

1. Purchase visuals

2. Use computer graphics

3. Recruit an artist

4. Draw with aids


Use art to enhance and reinforce lesson

The purpose is teaching truth not displaying talent.

Give God something to bless

  1. Use your current abilities and watch them grow
  2. Use current resources

What is that in thine hand? Ex. 4:2b

Learn what you can 

  1. Start with the basics
    1. Learn shapes
    2. Manipulate Shapes
  2. Build scenes
    1. Learn perspective
    2. Discern between how things are and how they appear
  3. Draw Living things
    1. Animals
    2. People

Bro. James Tienhaara

Sunday school teacher and Christian school teacher

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church