Turning the Bitter into Sweet

The people of Israel found themselves at another testing ground.  They had The people of Israel found themselves at another testing ground.  They had           just left Egypt and watched God do many miracles.  They watched God subdue their enemy, but they soon found out their worst enemy was in drinking the bitter waters of no faith in an Almighty God.  They were questioning the God who had delivered them multiple times.      God likes to send different situations into our lives to sharpen us and teach us for His glory. All of us have had things happen to us in life that have left a bitter taste. There will be many times we have a decision to make—will we allow the bitter things in life to rob us of precious time or will we look to Christ?  Always remember that discouragement comes from the devil and encouragement comes from God. Remember—the joys and hopes of life are soon turned into bitterness with those that live by sense only, and not by faith. I read the story of a Christian who had been down and discouraged for several days. Some adversity had come into his life and he was in despair.  To get a message across, his wife dressed in funeral clothes.  He looked at her and asked who had died.  She said God had died.  He said it was impossible for God to die.  She said—well quit acting as though God left His throne and put your trust in Him. Life is too short to become bitter.  Just as Exodus 15:25 states, we might have to throw something into the bitter waters to make them sweet.  Maybe it’s a season of earnest prayer or just letting go and letting God.  Decide in your mind today that bitter is not an option and that God has the ability to make any situation sweet.

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Pastor William Turner

Open Door Baptist Church | Lima, Ohio