Have you ever gone through a difficult time in your life?  Did you ask Have you ever gone through a difficult time in your life?  Did you ask             God to take that problem away?  Did He take away your problem immediately? Sometimes, it is God’s Will to take a difficult circumstance away or heal a sickness immediately, but many times, it is not God’s Will to do that.  It is through difficulties, or “trials,” that God tests us and molds us into who He wants us to be, so we can bring honor and glory to Him and accomplish His Will. Joseph is a good example of someone who went through great trials but continued to trust in God and do right!  As a teenager, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers!  Joseph was put into prison, having done nothing wrong!  But God was doing a work in his life, testing Joseph and molding him into the man God wanted him to be.  In Genesis 50:20, Joseph told his brothers, “ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.”  Just as God worked in Joseph’s life (while Joseph did not know ahead of time what God’s plan was), God has a purpose in allowing trials in your life.  Be assured that God is doing a work in your life!  1 Peter 1:7 says that the trial of our faith is “much more precious than of gold.”  When you face a difficult time in your life, realize that God is in control. Be like Joseph and trust God’s Word, be patient, ask for help and wisdom, and continue to do right! You will bring honor and glory to God!

-Mrs. Amy Johnson