Total S.U.R.R.E.N.D.E.R.

Matthew 7:14 ” Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”
1 Peter 2:11b “…abstain from fleshly lust, which war against the soul;”
Do you remeber learning in school about famous generals, battles, or wars? If so, then you know that in those battles one side lost and
was forced to surrender. Some surrendered before things got bad, and others held out till they were left no other option but to surreder. To surrender is to simply stop fighting.
As Christians we are in a battle between ourselves and our flesh. God is all powerful and never loses, so we can either willingly stop fighting Him or we can hold out on Him till he gives us no option but to surrender. The difference in surrendering to God is we lose nothing, rather we win, for to surrender to God is to defeat Satan in his battle to keep us from our Lord. Don’t hold out on God till things get so bad that you are forced to surrender.
You see when we surrender to Christ we don’t stop fighting. Rather, we begin to fight. Whereas before we were fighting God in being submitted or surrendered to our flesh and Satan’s devices. When we surrender to God we begin to fight Satan and our flesh as we pick up our spiritual sword (The Bible) and begin to attack the real enemy.

  • S- shut off self and let God take care of you
  • U- understand God is seeing the big picture
  • R- remember what brought you to the point of giving yourself
  • R- refuse to entertain thoughts and actions of quitting
  • E- empty yourself and let Christ and His Word fill your heart & mind
  • N- nurture your mind and fill it with books that motivate you to serve the Lord
  • D- determination must never cease. Fight on!
  • E- escape this world and its shining lights and focus on “The Light”
  • R-¬†remember the Saviour fully surrendered Himself to God’s Will



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Bro. Dave Smith

Camp Director