Ball Toss


Toss the ball to your team mates using only a pillow case

Items Needed:

1 Pillow Case (or towel) for Every 2 Players

1 Playground Ball Per Team


How to Play: 

Split into two teams of 4 on each team. The pillow cases should be distributed so that the teams of 2 players will each have a pillow case. The 2 players will each hold two corners of the pillow case. Stand the teams players 10 feet apart. The ball is then placed on one of the player’s pillow case by the game leader. On the signal, the players with the ball will jerk on the pillow case causing the ball to fly in the air. The other players on their team will move around trying to catch the ball with their pillow case. Play until the time runs out and see which team scores the most!


Youth Pastor| Parkside Baptist Church

Jonathan Wells