Toothpick & Cheerios


Move the cheerios to the empty bowl by using a toothpick

Items Needed

1/2 Box of Cheerios Per Team

1 Small Pan of Cheerios Per Team

1 Toothpick Per Team

1 Empty Bowl Per Team

1 Small Table Per Team


How to Play: 

Pour the cheerios into the pan. Place the toothpick and empty bowl beside the pan of cheerios. On the signal, the first person in line will run to the table and pick up the toothpick. They will then try to hook one cheerio. The player is only allowed to hook ONE cheerio. If they hook a cheerio that is stuck to another cheerio they must drop it and get another one. Then they will drop the cheerio in the bowl and run back to their line. The game continues until the time expires. The team with the most cheerios in their bowl wins!


Youth Pastor| Parkside Baptist Church

Jonathan Wells