Todayʼs “Hard Thing”

John 13:43 “The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and finders Philip, And Saith unto him, Follow me.”

Here in John 1, we are looking at the earlier days of Christ’s ministry. He has at this point been baptized and begun to teach and preach. We see here His calling out Philip.

Christ told Philip to “follow me” and Philip did just that. It amazes me how in the Bible we read of Jesus calling out the disciples; when He called them, they didnʼt hesitate or ask questions. They just did it!

Why is it today that when God calls us out, we argue and debate about how thatʼs not right for us? The Lord knows whatʼs best and yet we simply treat Him like Heʼs just a stranger giving us advice. But, let’s be honest, a lot of times that is the very reason we choose not to live the way He commands we do. Because He is a complete stranger to us and we donʼt trust Him. God help us to have a relationship with the Father! To cry out to Him when we need him and when we donʼt “think” we do. To not just wait for Him to call us out or ask us to do something but to actually go to Him before he does. Doesnʼt it feel good when someone asks you for advice? Or when they come to you with there struggles and heartaches even if you have nothing to offer them? Imagine how God feels when we reach out to Him when he doesnʼt have to “get our attention” with something…and He has everything to offer us!

The Lord wants a personal intimate relationship with you more than you can even fathom. He wants to be so close to you that when you need something, He is the first person you come to. And yes, Heʼs a person. He is THE person. This thing we’re talking about, following Jesus and having a personal walk with Him, seems to be a hard thing. But in reality, He couldnʼt make it any easier. Letʼs do the “hard thing” and reach out to the Saviour. The One Who truly loves and cares for you more than you could ever imagine

Travis Eidel
Youth Pastor   Tabernacle Baptist Church