To Be Better We Must Not Quit

Daniel 1:21 “And Daniel continued even unto the first year of king Cyrus.”

The devil tries often to get Christians to quit the ministry. He has many traps set for Christians trying to do right and serve God. The Bible gives many examples of people who the devil tricked into quitting the ministry for instance: Demas quit because of Pleasure, Judas quit because of Treasure, Peter quit because of Pressure, and John Mark quit because he was pooped. But Paul continued, John the Beloved continued, and Timothy continued!!! What is the difference between the quitters and those who refuse to quit?

1. A Real Relationship With Christ

When David was faced with a giant he looked to the face of the Lord. Often teenagers fail and quit because they never had a real relationship with God. You hear it all the time,”Walk with God. Read your Bible. Pray everyday.” That is the biggest problem though. You hear it all the time, yet you still don’t do it. Young person, walk with God. Every Christian needs a constant, real walk with God. Not one where you check off a check list, but one where you actually get a hold of God.

2. Making Godly Friends

Friends are one of life’s greatest blessings, but the can also be one of your greatest curses. Choose your friends wisely, for you can choose who influences you but you can not choose how they influence you. Be careful of friends that are outside of church. We are supposed to be friendly to all, but we can not be close friends with those who are not saved or in God’s will. Friends are to sharpen not make dull! Who are your friends?

3. Growing Instead of Dying 

As a Christian we are to grow! “If you are not growing, you are dying.” Take a moment a think about your relationship with Christ this time last year…..Have you grown? What more are you doing for Christ today that you didn’t do in the past? After salvation we are not to stay the same way as we were before. There are some things that we need to quit doing and many things that we need to start doing. This is growth. A baby doesn’t stay the same way it was when born does it? NO! It grows and becomes a mature adult eventually. We need to do the same thing, grow.

4. Live By Purpose 

In the book of Daniel it says that Daniel purposed in his heart. Teenager, live by purpose. It is easy to just kinda cruise through life. Many times your life is planned out for you for instance: you go to church cause you have to, you read your Bible because you have to, you obey the rules because you have to. While this is good, we need some teenagers who will live by purpose! Who will decide that no matter if everyone else does wrong and quits, I will not! One thing all quitters have in common is the fact that they either don’t have a purpose or they have lost it. Teenager, live by PURPOSE! DON’T QUIT!!

William Davis | YP

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church