Things That Your Preacher Won’t Tell You

Luke 24:13-32

Here Jesus comes to the disciples, in a disguise… like a big nose, glasses, etc…

He walks with them for a little while and after hearing them cry and complain, He preaches to them a little (25-27). They didn’t know it was Jesus.

They walked into town, asked Him to stay, he went on, and then their eyes were opened and they knew who it was… it was Jesus!

Now this risen, disguised Jesus didn’t preach anything new to them. He preached the same thing the “real” Jesus preached.

Why did Jesus come to them in disguise?

I think it was because there were some things that they needed to hear, that Jesus felt he could not get across to them…

But after hearing the Word preached about Jesus and being reprimanded for their unbelief, they knew it was Jesus who was talking to them.

Tonight I would like to tell you some things that I believe your Preacher may Never tell you…

I. Your Preacher will never get to tell you how much he really loves you.

I am sure that your pastor makes statements like this to the youth group: “My wife and I love you and appreciate you.” That really doesn’t sum it up. You would have to know a pastor’s heart to know how excited he is for you when you make a good decision, graduate from high school, surrender to God’s will, win souls, go to Bible college, get married, etc.

He tells you he loves you, but you will never know how much he really, cares for you… YOU.. YOU…

On the flip side, you would also have to know how crushed your pastor is when you get away from God, when you make a poor decision, rebel against the Word of God, or when you ruin your life.

You are not just a Teenager in the church to Him.

You are not just another face in the crowd to Him.     I KNOW!  I talk to him…

He loves you. He loves you more than you know. More than you will ever know.

II. Your Preacher will never tell you how much he depends on you.

When you let down your pastor, he probably doesn’t yell and scream and tell you how miserable you are. He probably doesn’t quit the ministry and go on strike.

The truth is that your pastor does count on you more than you know.

He counts on you to show up, to get involved, to be a good example to the other teens, and to help him in helping others. Your pastor depends on you to be faithful to Sunday school, church, soul winning, youth activities, teen camp, youth conference, and other youth events.

Your Preacher depends on you to be the future of the church…. One day you will not be the Youth Department, you will be the Pastor’s Class…. He depends on you to be a growing, learning Christian.

III. Your Preacher will never tell you how much he watches you.

You would be shocked to find out how much your pastor actually sees.

He sees when you smile, when you roll your eyes, when you fall asleep in church, when you sing, when you talk in Church, when you text,

When you sit in the balcony, when you sit in the back of the balcony,

When you sit in the back of the balcony and talk,

When you sit in the back of the balcony and talk and text, and date, and laugh during invitation, and never pick up a songbook, and never bring your Bible.

Your pastor watches you during activities, at camp, at restaurants, at work days, at ball games, in chapel, around the church/school and just about everywhere you go.

He sees your Facebook, your Twitter, your posts, pictures, likes, music, etc.

Why does your pastor watch you so closely? He wants to know how you are doing spiritually. By watching your life, your pastor will have a good idea of how you are doing.

He sees your immodesty, worldliness, attitude, rebelliousness, coldness,

He may never call you out on it…. But that man that loves you and is depending on you watches…

VI. Your Preacher will never tell you how much he knows about you.

How is this different from the last item? Not only does your pastor watch you, but he listens to you and your friends. He talks to your parents, teachers, coaches and friends to find out how you are doing. He asks your YP and your Principal about you and about how you are getting along spiritually… Isn’t this snooping? No, this is being concerned for the young people that God has entrusted to his care.

Your Preacher knows more than you think he knows…

VII. Your Preacher will never tell you how much you encourage him.

Believe it or not, you encourage your pastor. You may not be the most outgoing, the most athletic or the most talented, but you can still encourage youth pastor. “Well, why won’t my pastor tell me how much I encourage him?” The answer is simple. He will try, but he will never be able to adequately express how much you encourage him and how much he appreciates you.

He thinks back to the time when he was a teenager and when he sees you serving the Lord, in Christian school, –  He is encouraged… He is able to face another day…

He is encouraged of…

Another Generation. Working of The Church/School Walking with God Winning Souls

VIII. Your Preacher will never tell you how much he prays for you.

Of course, all pastors pray for their young people and all pastors tell their teens that they are praying for them. No pastor is going to tell you how much he prays for you. It would sound boastful to go to each young person and say, “I prayed for you specifically for 30 minutes last week.” I do not know how much time your pastor prays for you, but in most cases I would guarantee it is more than you would think.

I have come into our Preacher’s office and he has been praying for teenagers before… you wouldn’t believe him if he did tell you… But he prays for you so much.

IX. Your Preacher will never tell you how much faith he has in you.

He will encourage you. Yell your name in the stands, honor you in the service, lift you up, but you will never know how much faith your Preacher has in you.

HE BELIEVES IN YOU…. He believes you CAN DO IT.

The world doesn’t have high hopes for you….   GOOGLE-

Teens and Drugs,  Teens and Alcohol, Teens and Depression, Teens and Suicide, Teens and Technology,

Teens and Tiaras…

Not so much there…

But your Preacher believes in you, he thinks you can do right, he thinks you can walk with God, he thinks you can find God’s will, he thinks you can serve the Lord with your life, he thinks God can use you, he thinks you have potential…

HE BELIVES in you.

X.   Your Preacher will never tell you that he has wept for you and your family

He would never be so proud to say it, but I would say your preacher has wept for and with your family many times. Through sickness,  death,  heartaches, mistakes,  ….

He has shed tears for you. FOR YOU.

XI. Your Preacher will never tell you that Your Preacher is YOUR Preacher

You will only have one maybe 2 … and the best ones are so humble, they are hard to appreciate…

Love Him. Write Him.   Call Him. Text Him. Facebook Him. Tweet Him.     Email Him.

The day will come when you will need him…. And after you have not spoken a word to him in months, he will be there.. WHY?   Because Your Preacher is YOUR Preacher.

When you think no one cares, He Does

When you think no one will listen, He Will

When you think you have gone too far, He Will Come Get You

When you think you can’t go on, He Will Help You

When you fall, He will pick you up

When you win, He will cheer you on

What does all this mean to you?

  1. Decide to Be Like Your Pastor

He loves people, wins souls, helps the hurting, serves God, lives right. What a hero. What a role model. There is someone to model your life after. Watch him, do the things he does. Listen to his counsel and watch his lifestyle.

  1.  Decide to Believe Your Pastor

Trust Him-   You may not understand all the rules… but trust him… He knows.

Believe Him- He thinks God can use you in a great way… Believe him…

Know This-  He would never do anything to hurt you in anyway…

He loves you. He has given his life to serve you. He wants to help!

  1.  Decide to Have a Relationship With Your Pastor

Don’t be afraid to talk to him, don’t hide from him, don’t run,

Don’t use him.  (He gave you a school, youth department, camps, conf, activities,) Don’t use him. Don’t just get what you can and run. Don’t be afraid to talk to him. Don’t be intimidated by his office. Go in there. Talk to him. Tell him what your going through. See if he can help.

Have a Relationship With Your Pastor. Love Him. Listen to Him. Lead Others to Him.

You will never know what you mean to him and what he means to you.