There Be Four Things

Proverbs 30:24 “There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise:”

Proverbs is a book written under the direction of the Holy Spirit by Solomon. It is said that he was the wisest man in all the earth. There is a uniqueness of how he directs our attention to the character traits of animals. As our text tells us, these animals that are listed are, “exceeding wise”.

Ant: This little animal that bothers us at picnics and seems to always be around where there is food, is an animal that is constantly working and planning ahead. Have you ever seen an ant in the summer working so hard taking a crumb of something back to its home deep in the ground. I call this small, little busy fellow an example of Preparation. He is looking ahead when the weather will change and the cold will come, and he is working to be prepared. What a great example for us to be prepared for the attacks of the devil and the temptations of sin.

Conies: A rabbit like creature that has holes in the ground and jumps here and there. I have watched many a rabbit stick his head out of a hole and look around for anything that might be danger. Have you ever seen a rabbit being chased by a dog and the dog chases the rabbit into the hole where the dog cannot get it. This fellow is a creature of Anticipation. We need to be careful about where we go and what we do. The devil would love to catch us when we are not looking and cause us to sin.

Locusts: One of the plagues that Pharaoh faced when he would not let the children of Israel go in the book of Exodus was the locusts. Locusts can completely destroy a field of grain, and they have an ability to work together without having to be led by a leader. They are a team and they work like an army. I call them a creature of Organization. What could be accomplished in our lives if we used discipline and organization? Just think how few problems we would have if we would just face the tasks before us, get busy, and not worry what others are doing or not doing.

Spider: Take a walk in the woods, and I promise you will walk through a spider’s web. If you tear it down and come back a little later, that spider has spun another web. Our verse tells us that a spider is in the king’s palace. Oh, imagine how clean, and yet there are spiders with spider webs. To me the spider is a creature of Determination. What an example of never quitting and never giving up.
May we take the example of these animals and apply the principles in our daily lives.

Bro. Dave Smith

Camp Director | Circle C Baptist Ranch