The Value of Labor

Proverbs 14:23 “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”

My parents taught me the value of labor. Both of my parents never allowed me to whine or avoid work because they knew how it would help me through life. My father would often have people in the church ask me to do work who needed work done around their home. Most of the people wanted me to either pull weeds or mow their lawn, but it was still work and I made a little money with the job. When I was thirteen, my parents allowed me to start working in the strawberry fields where I picked strawberries all summer for three summers. It was their foresight and obedience to the verse above that taught me the value and profit of working.

We live in times when people are looking to get out of work instead of looking to work. People want work to be easy, but work was never made to be easy. The verse above teaches several lessons about laboring and its profit that every person needs to learn.

First, labor teaches discipline. Labor means hard physical work. It takes discipline to tell yourself to keep laboring when a job is hard. A disciplined person has a better chance of overcoming temptation if they will transfer the discipline they learn from laboring to their personal life.

Second, labor teaches patience. Immediate rewards are never experienced in labor. It takes time to see a finished product when you labor, but you will see the finished product if you are patient. One of the reasons you need to learn to labor is so that you can learn to be patient in life when you must wait on God.

Third, labor teaches endurance through adversity. There are times you have to work through being tired when you are laboring. This lesson will teach you to keep serving the LORD even when you are tired. Adversity will come in life, but you will never see the fruit of adversity if you easily quit.

Fourth, labor keeps you from becoming poor. You can’t earn money by sitting at home. Laboring has a way of rewarding you by giving you money to enjoy some pleasures in life. If you are not afraid to work hard, you will find that you will always have a way to make money. Those who work hard when they have a job will work hard to find a job when they are without employment. Likewise, those who work hard will always be willing to do side jobs to earn money when they are without employment.

Fifth, labor speaks louder than talk. Talking leads to penury, but labor leads to profit. Talking only takes you so far; but the best way to prove your worth is to let the fruit of your labor to speak for you. A working person always goes further in life than the talented, gifted and educated. Just because a person is talented, gifted or educated doesn’t mean they know how to work, and these things will do nothing for a person if they don’t work. The person who works the hardest is often the person who rises to the top in life.

Parents, one of the best traits you can teach your children is the value of hard work. You are going to teach them how to work hard by being a hard worker yourself, and then by not letting them sit around the house while you do all the work for them. Don’t be afraid of hard work; it is beneficial to your future.

Dr. Allen Domelle

Maranatha Baptist Church | Bethany, OK