The Two Prodigal Sons

Luke 15:32 “It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found.”

Jesus tells the story of a man with two sons who loses both of them. One we have read about many times and another that we rarely hear about. If we would really focus closely on our Bibles, we would see the connection between the stories and the application to the crowd Jesus was preaching to. Jesus tells the parable of the sheep who left the fold and was lost – To illustrate that the boy left his home. Jesus tells the parable of the coin that never left the house and was lost – To illustrate the boy that never left home but did in his heart. Jesus was preaching this sermon to the Pharisees. Sure he wanted the sinners to hear that He loved them and would save them, but He was focusing this truth on the religious crowd that thought they were so much better than everyone else. He wanted the “better than you, nose in the air, cold hearted, hypocrites” to know that just because they were in the right place and doing the right things, it didn’t mean their hearts were right with God.

I. He Had A Carnal Spirit. He comes in from the field and finds the party going, and instead of being happy and celebrating with everyone, he crosses his arms, sticks out his lip, and pouts on the porch. The word carnal means spiritually immature. He had hidden it behind a smile and an obedience to the rules without a heart for the Father of the rules. Now his carnal, fleshly, wicked spirit was showing as he pouted on the porch. all the hidden sins of your heart that you can keep hidden and still be at home. This boy never left home, but he was far from the Father, because of his Carnal Spirit.

II. He Had a Conceited Spirit. This young man was full of something and it wasn’t the Holy Spirit, it was himself. Look at what I did. Look at who I am. Look at what I can do. It is the root from which every sin can be traced…. pride. I, ME, MY. I is always right in the middle of sin.

III. He Had A Complaining Spirit. I have been here for this whole time. Not once did you ever give me a goat. He had a house, food, clothes, toys, car, Xbox, ps3, basketballs. He had the inheritance of the farm, the animals, the house, the money, the wealth. He had the love, honor, respect, admiration, and joy of his parents. But he overlooked all of that…. For a baby Billy goat. Having all of that, he complained about a goat.

If you have been rebelling, and maybe you are thinking of getting away from the Father’s House; maybe there is a list of sins you are into or are wanting to try. If you are saved, save yourself a trip to the hog pen. Get right today.

William Davis

Youth Pastor | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church