The Two Greatest Words a Person Can Say

Hopefully the title of the article intrigues you a little bit. There are many powerful words that would fit wonderfully into the title of the article. I think of the words “I’m sorry.” Think of the number of conflicts that would be resolved and avoided if people would simply learn to say “I’m sorry.” The words “you’re forgiven” are very powerful words. I’ve met many people who torment themselves every day of their lives as they relive past hurts and disappointments. It’s like a record that is skipping and just playing over and over again in their minds. They could live in freedom, they could move on if they would learn the power of the words “you’re forgiven.” The words “Thank you” are powerful words. The Bible says ‘in everything give thanks.’ We should express gratitude to God and to others. Expressing gratitude warms our own hearts and the person whom we are thanking. Very powerful words indeed. As great as some of these words are, I believe there are two words more powerful in our lives than all of them.

I want to direct your attention to Mark 7:24-30. In this passage of Scripture we find the two greatest words a person can say. In this story Jesus Christ has traveled into the borders of Tyre and Sidon and is seeking rest in a home there. He was trying to get away, trying to steal a few private moments of relaxation but the Bible says ‘He could not be hid.’ (vs. 24) Jesus was bigger than the house! I just want to remind you for a moment that Jesus Christ is Sovereign and that He’s bigger than whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. He’s bigger than our plans, He’s bigger than our dreams – it’s not all about us! Verses 25-26 introduce two new characters to this story. First we read about a ‘certain woman’ and then about her daughter who was demon possessed. We know that this ‘certain woman’ was a Greek. The Bible makes a point to let us know that she was Syrophenician by nation. This lady found Jesus because she was in desperate need of His help. Her precious girl had been overtaken by the forces of darkness. Could you imagine the grief? Could you imagine watching your daughter be brutalized and terrorized by supernatural demons? Perhaps this little girl would cut herself like the maniac of Gadara. Perhaps she would be up at night crying and screaming. This Greek lady was dealing with a very difficult situation. When she finally finds Jesus the Bible paints a very vivid picture of her at His feet begging him to heal her daughter (vs. 26)What Jesus says next is shocking. In (vs. 27) he says ‘Let the children first be filled.’ This is in reference to the children of Israel. The Lords ministry on earth was primarily to the Jewish people. Jesus goes on to say ‘It is not meet to take the childrens bread and to cast it unto the dogs.’ (vs 27)  Jesus looks at this lady, who is at His feet begging, and basically says “Why would I waste a miracle on a gentile dog while there are still Jewish children who are in need of a miracle?” I don’t know how you would react to hearing this, but I think I know how I would react. I would not be happy. This desperate lady reacts in a most noble way. She says what I believe to be the two greatest words that a person can say. She says “Yes, Lord” (vs 28)


There are many great truths that can be gleaned from this passage. I like the fact that Jesus could not be hid in the house(vs.24). I like the fact that He could not be hid because someone was looking for Him(vs. 25)Intodays world, there are still people looking for Jesus Christ! Lets not hide Jesus on the inside of our house, He should be clearly seen on the outside so that He can be found!  I have learned that this lady was an individual to Jesus Christ….a ‘certain’ woman(vs. 25). There are many great truths, but none greater than the fact that she said “Yes, Lord” What are you saying to Jesus today? I have no idea how He is speaking to you, but I know that you are either saying “Yes, Lord” or “No, Lord” Have you ever wrestled with God over something, only to finally submit and say to yourself “Why didn’t I do that sooner?” This Greek lady was at the feet of Jesus, begging and saying “Yes, Lord.” Many Christians expect the exact opposite; they almost expect Jesus to beg at their feet and to say “Yes” to their plans and desires! The greatest words that  will ever escape your lips are the words “Yes, Lord!” I want to give you three truths concerning the words “Yes, Lord”

#1 She said “Yes, Lord” when she did not know the Outcome

She had no idea if Jesus was going to heal her daughter or not, and she still said “Yes, Lord” She had accepted that whatever He was going to do was right. Have you accepted that God is going to do what is right in your life? I deal with many teenagers who want God to lay out His plans for them. They want the blueprints, they want to inspect each step along the way and approve God’s plans before they say yes or no to Him. That’s not the way it works! The plan is revealed after we say yes! The Bible says ‘We walk by faith, not by sight’  (2Cor. 5:7) We should just say “Yes, Lord” and trust Him with the outcome. I know of people who do not see how tithing will work out for them and so they ultimately say “No” to God. I know people who are afraid to be a soulwinner. They are just nervous and fearful of the unknown and so they say “No” to God. There are teenagers who say “No” to God because they do not know where the will of God will take them. Settle in your heart that God is going to do what is right! Let me encourage you to say “Yes, Lord” when you do not know what the outcome will be.

#2 She said “Yes, Lord” when she had reason to be Offended

This lady was called a dog. On the surface, she was told that she wasn’t as important as other people. She had every right and reason to be offended and she still said “Yes, Lord” I’ve met many people who have become offended at a pastor or youth pastor. They’ve become offended at a Christian school or a teacher. They have been treated unfairly or spoken to in a less than kind manner. I’ve met many people who have been hurt or wronged and their answer to all of that is to say “NO” to God. I’ll never forget sitting across the desk from a young man who was brought in by his parents. They were convinced that he had some pretty deep problems. He was failing in school, not interested in church and his parents had no idea why. After a few minutes of talking to him I simply asked “Why do you act the way you do?” His face became red, tears welled up in his eyes and he said in a bitter fashion “I hate my parents, they are not what everyone thinks they are!” His parents weren’t perfect and they had obviously made some mistakes. However the boys attitude towards it was “Ill say no to God, and that will hurt them!” I asked him “What did Jesus ever do to you?” He dropped his head, but refused to get right. We get offended at the smallest things and say “NO” to God. Perhaps the greatest lesson I have ever learned is the fact that life is not fair. Offences will come and in some cases people will give us a good reason to be offended. Have you ever been offended and felt the urge to walk away from it all? Let me encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and to say “Yes, Lord” when you have reason to be offended.

 #3 She said “Yes, Lord” for the sake of others.

Let’s not forget that somewhere there was a little girl who needed this miracle. This lady went home that evening and for the first time in a long time she saw a peace on her daughters face. She knew right then and there that Jesus had dismissed the demon from her daughters body. I bet she was thrilled that she said “Yes, Lord” I bet her daughter was thrilled that she said “Yes, Lord” I want to say to every reader that someone, somewhere needs you to say “Yes” to Jesus Christ. When you’re standing at a crossroad and you cannot see the outcome, someone needs you to say “Yes, Lord” and follow on. When people or institutions have failed you and you are offended, somewhere off in the distance there is somebody who is bound by sin who needs you to say “Yes, Lord” There are always others at stake – what are you saying to Jesus today?

Abdel Judeh









Bro. Abdel Judah

Youth Pastor

Landmark Baptist Church

Parkersburg, WV