The heart of Jonah? Fled from the presence of the LORD. (Jonah 1:3). Yet he stilled feared the LORD, the God of heaven. (Jonah 1:9). Jonah knew the truth on how to survive the storms of life. (Jonah 1:12). Jonah’s prayer life is now a serious conversation with God. (Jonah chapter 2). Jonah repented and obeyed God and preached the truth of God’s message to a lost, wicked, and evil city to repent. (Jonah chapter 3). Jonah sees the anger and bitterness he has in his heart that kept him from having a passion to see souls come to God. Jonah had to learn some lessons from God. God prepared a gourd, a worm, a vehement east wind, and the beating of the sun upon Jonah’s head to teach Jonah compassion. (Jonah chapter 4).
There are many pastors who stand and preach the truth and THANK GOD that they do! Yet we have been living in America where some preachers our fleeing from the presence of God to, with the political correctness crowd, embrace abortion, same sex marriages, and violating many things concerning the family and church. When you talk to these backslidden preachers they say that they fear God in the foolishness of political correctness of choice, love everybody, and accepting life styles of sin.
Can God prepare a virus to cause men of God to get serious about their prayer life? The storm impacted everyone on that ship to Tarshish who were just innocent people living life because of the sin of one man. I’m not saying that this virus is because of one man’s sin. But this virus has impacted everyone starting in China a Nation that has forced abortion to women who get pregnant with their second child to New York where the State Legislature of New York passed a law that allows a child to be killed after being born alive from a failed abortion.
For years in America we have enjoyed the blessing of the prepared gourd by God in our lives. God prepared a worm in the form of a virus to destroy our blessing of every day life. God prepared a vehement east wind by the impact this virus has on our economy. God allowed the beating of the sun upon our heads in the form of the panic and fear in our minds concerning how are we going to survive this virus.
The answer is repent. We must have a prayer life, preach the truth, fast, and our government leaders to proclaim and publish throughout America to repent and seek God. (Jonah chapters 2 and 3).