The Royal Scepter

Be the last man standing with the scepter
Items Needed:
3/4 in. PVC Pipe and Pool Noodles
How To Play:
Get 6 PVC pipes at 4ft\5ft and cut 1 foot pieces of pool noodle and place it on the top of the pipe to add enough weight and a little bit of cushion. Select six players all guys or all girls. Not a mixed game. Each player is given a scepter. They must place one hand behind their back because they can only use one hand in this game. All players then face each other with the scepter upright in their hand. The YP then says go and calls out either right or left. Every player must then go the direction called and grab the next scepter. If a player goes the wrong direction he is eliminated, or if the player does not grab the next scepter he is eliminated. Once a player is eliminated take his scepter out and have the rest of the players get in a circle again. Play continues until one player is left standing holding a scepter. He is crowned King!