I Sam 25:10 “And Nabal answered David’s servants, and said, Who is David? and who is the son of Jesse? there be many servants now a days that break away every man from his master.”

We all know that one teenager who always seeks to find a reason to rebel against authority. Whether in deed, word or just heart, rebellion is dangerous. Rebelling is fueled by selfishness and pride. When someone thinks they know more, can do more or have become more than the authority, they rebel. One preacher said, “There is never a man so empty who is full of himself”.

In our text, Nabal shares with the servants that some of the servants have left their master and that it is a common practice “now a days”. Often times those who chose to be rebels will look for simple ones to bring with them into their rebellion. We must keep a watchful eye on our attitude and those we surround ourselves with as well. Rebellion never stays a singular cause. Many times young people are pulled into sin because of one rebel who decided to no longer do right. Be vigilant and keep a constant watch on those who are given to rebellion.

Careful that you are not swayed by rebellious Nabals. Nabal eventually had his heart turned to stone and died. God takes rebellion serious. From Korah to Satan, the Bible warns of relationships with the rebellious.

While we hear these things and understand them, we must also guard our hearts as well. It is just as easy for the prodigal son at home to be as far away from God as the one who left. We must stay close to authority and walk daily with God. Remember “Too much of me erases Him, but enough of Him erases me”. Decide to submit to God and obey his principles. Don’t be a rebel.


William Davis

William Davis |Youth Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church