The Old Men Know What They’re Talking About

 I Kings 12:8a “But he forsook the counsel of the old men, which they had given him,”
We were lost and I knew it. I didn’t want to, but there was no other choice. I broke the “man code” and stopped to ask for directions. I walked into the gas station, and the young girl running the register pointed me in the direction I should go, being sure to point out stores and restaurants along the way. As I turned around to leave, an older gentleman stopped me and gave me a simple three step plan and a warning that the young lady’s directions would cost me an hour of travel time.

I got back in the car and told my dad of my quandary. I told him there must be some new roads or something the older man doesn’t know about. My dad looked down his glasses and said, “The old man knows what he’s talking about.” With that, we went the simple route and within minutes were back on our way.

Have you ever asked a question and got two different answers? Who do you believe? Who is right? What did you do? Whose opinion did you heed? The young king Rehoboam receives two different opinions. The older men tell him that if he is a kinder, loving leader, the people will follow him forever. Without even hearing the opposite viewpoint, Rehoboam “forsook the counsel of the old men” and goes to ask the young men what they think. Wanting to please his peers, and I suppose, thinking their opinions were superior to the older men, Rehoboam decides to go completely opposite of the elders suggestion.

We often do the same. We want to please peers so much that we will listen to foolish counsel from foolish friends that will tell us things contrary to the Christian life. We know what we have been taught. We know what the Pastor said. We know what our parents have taught us. Knowing this, we do not go to these for advice. Instead we seek out the young counselors. Teenager, listen to me. The old men know what they are talking about. They may not know the latest technology or trends, but they know truth and they will help you if you will go to them and ask for wisdom and counsel. Trust the older men and ladies in your life. Let them help you make decisions. The old men know what they are talking about.

William Davis | Youth Pastor
Clays Mill Baptist Church