We must realize that sinners can do us no harm unless we join with them.  We must realize that sinners can do us no harm unless we join with them. Joining with them means we must consent.  The easy road to walk is that of yielding to every one’s enticement.  But the wise person realizes some people must be avoided.  And having a strong will helps to avoid consenting. Living life wisely requires more than just a sincere desire; there are times when it demands a strong will.  Good intentions are just that, good intentions.  There must be a strong will to back up those good intentions.  Many people are very sincere about being wise and living wisely, but the lack of a strong will cause them to be involved in things that are so obviously unwise it is amazing.

We need to understand the fallacies of the ones who would seduce us from the way of God.  The tempters truly believe that the wealth of this world is precious substance and that the pursuit of it will surely end in success.  They laugh at the thought of finding joy and happiness in the pursuit of the will of God, they laugh at freedom being found in living within boundaries instead of living loosely and without parameters, and they laugh at the truth that our lives should be lived with others in mind instead of living first for ourselves.

“Come on; loosen up, live a little, let yourself go, enjoy life by pursuing your own wellbeing” is their idea of life.  And all their dreams end with “and they lived happily ever after”.  But their dreams are actually nightmares that end in disappointment.  It takes a strong will to say “NO” to their enticements.  People who live life wisely understand the value of a strong will.  Determine to live by the principles of God’s Word using a strong will.  How strong is your will?

-Pastor Terry Anglea

Faith Baptist Church –  Boubonnais, Il