The Model Teenager

Luke 2:45 “And when they found him not, they turned back again to Jerusalem, seeking him.” 

       I am not sure what Joseph and Mary’s reaction was when they realized that they had misplaced THE SAVIOR OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!! I can’t imagine they were too peachy about it. After observing the feast of the Passover in Jerusalem, they were on their way back to Galilee when they discovered that 12-year- old Jesus was nowhere to be found. They raced the twenty or so miles back towards Jerusalem probably thinking something like, “God is going to kill us.” (Uninspired text) Of course, we already know that Jesus was in the temple at Jerusalem “…sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.” When His parents found Him, Mary asked why He did what He did. Jesus responded, “How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” Why did God make it a point to record this story of Jesus as a twelve-year-old? I can’t help but wonder that it was for you. Yes, YOU! Jesus was perfect. He was the model teenager. This example of Jesus during His adolescence is the ONLY ONE recorded. Wouldn’t it be wise for all teenagers to take note of how He acted and what He did during this time? Well, duh! I believe Jesus was giving you four important characteristics that should be in every model teenager.


     As a young man Jesus knew what His purpose was. He said, “I must be about my Father’s business?” YOU ALSO HAVE A PURPOSE. Contrary to what some may think, God did NOT fall asleep, roll over the “create human” button, and oops, here you are. God has a very specific reason for putting you here. So many carnal young people are glued to a screen, playing video games, posting/stalking on social media, goofing off with friends, or participating in sports that they have no idea what God’s purpose is for them. Put down your phone and pick up your Bible. God will show you His purpose.


      Jesus accepted His responsibility of being about His Father’s business – God’s business. You have this same responsibility. Are you involved at church? Do you help run a bus, teach a Sunday school class, go visiting or soul-winning, operate the sound booth, usher, sing specials, lead music, get the pastor’s water, clean the toilets, mow the grass, etc.? Or do you roam around like a brainless zombie looking for someone to infect? You will never serve God out of high school if you are not serving God NOW!


   Jesus was so passionate about fulfilling His purpose that He became totally consumed at the temple, and His family took off without Him. What drives you? It ought to be the House and work of God. There are plenty of apathetic, uninterested, deadbeat, lousy, Laodicean, couldn’t-care- less-about- anything-spiritual teenagers. Don’t be one of them. Look for ways to help your church. Be involved. The only way you will ever have a passion for God is if you have a real relationship with Him. Talk to Him and get in the Book!


    Jesus had every excuse to tell His parents that He was going to stay at the temple. However, the Bible tells us plainly that, “he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them:” Jesus was busy doing God’s work, but He also had a responsibility to obey His parents. Don’t every buck against authority even when you “think” you’re already doing right. God desires obedience. Submit to your authority. God recorded this story for a reason. That reason is you. Through Jesus you have a perfect example of what every teenager should be. You have no excuse. Don’t be numb-brained. Be a model teenager.

David Reeves | Media Director\Bus Captain

North Platte Baptist Church

North Platte, Nebraska