The King’s Potter

1 Chronicles 4:23 “These were the potters, and those that dwelt among plants and hedges: there they dwelt with the king for his work.”

The Potter was never a heralded job. He was a manual laborer who worked hard, with little notice and little praise. He barely got to touch the beautiful plants that he worked so tirelessly to prepare a home. This was not an easy work. They would work in landscaping type environments as well as pottery type buildings, making pots, trimming hedges, planting vegetation and ditching irrigation to all needed. Some may have once had a job in the city among the refined and bustle of society, why would a man give his life to such menial work? A love for botany? Hardly! The end of verse 23 tells us that “they dwelt with the king for his work”. These men did what they did for their King. They were doing the King’s Work. It was their simple hope that one day, a common clay pot may be elevated to the King’s use.

There are many who serve in positions, places and with people groups that sometimes make ministry seem menial and unimportant. When folks pass the pot of flowers, no one ever says anything about the potter or the pot. However, that is the King’s Work my friend. He put you there and is using you to prepare beautiful flowers for him. I often think of Christian School Teachers who invest so much unseen into teenagers. We know the educational investment, but I am speaking of the spiritual and personal investment. Those flowers would never grow so beautiful without a strong potter supporting the soil of the home. That is the King’s Work.

So, my friends are you… Sunday School Teacher, YP, Bus Captain, Christian School Teacher, New Pastor, Small Town Pastor, Encouraging Lady, you are the jewels of this earth. Earthen pots have been filled with heavenly treasure, weeds turned to flowers and the King pleased because of your faithfulness. Keep dwelling with the King and doing His work. It’s not about the potter, or really the flowers, it’s about the King!

William Davis | YP

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church