The Human Christmas Tree

OBJECTIVE: to create the best human Christmas tree.

ITEMS NEEDED: Streamer or ribbon, Christmas ornaments, and various other Christmas tree decorations. NOTE- there should be the equal amount and type of ornaments for both teams.

HOW TO PLAY: To play this game start by choosing four contestants. Divide the contestants into two teams. One contestant on each team will be used as “the tree,” the other contestant will decorate “the tree” with the items provided. Once the moderator says “Go,” give the teams two minutes to make the best tree. Once the two minutes has elapsed stop both teams from decorating and have the audience vote on who is the best decorated. Whichever team has the most votes wins.

The ornaments can be anything. I went to the dollar store and found two Santa Clause headbands, four ornaments, a thing that said Christmas in fancy lettering, and streamers. The teenagers loved it, and it was something different and seasonal.


William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church