The Great Pie Bake-Off!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a teen activity where I didn’t have to do anything but eat pie!”? I know I have! That’s why I present to you, “The Great Pie Bake-Off!” Everybody loves pie! Anyone that doesn’t is a communist! Ok, maybe it’s not that serious. This activity was a blast and has become a staple of our youth department. However, it does take quite a bit of organization. You will need several drivers for this activity. I usually go with any church member that is over the age of 21.
The basic idea of this activity is that your teenagers will be paired with a driver who will take them around town to collect ingredients for a pie that they will also have to bake. They have 2 hours to come back with a pie. That should be 1 hour to collect ingredients and 1 hour to bake. For every minute they are late, they lose points.
First, organize your teens in teams. I had a sign-up sheet where the teens got to choose their own teams and drivers several weeks in advance. It was a lot less work on my part and it made things go pretty smoothly.
Next, supply each team with a basic pie recipe from the internet. Apple, pumpkin, blueberry, etc… That way, every team at least knows how to make a pie. They don’t have to make the pie you provide them with. They can get creative and make their own pie if they have the culinary prowess. Also, provide each team with a list of rules and instructions. Speaking of rules and instructions…

The Great Pie Bake-off 


  1. Ingredients may NOT be purchased.  They must be collected from the homes of family, friends, neighbors, church members, etc.  Be creative. 

  2. No more than 2 ingredients may be collected from the same house.

  3. Ingredients may not be obtained illegally, i.e. stealing.   

  4. Ask for items to be donated to your team not borrowed by your team.   We don’t want to harm the testimony of the youth group by not bringing something back to the original owner.

  5. You must be back at the church by the designated time with a complete pie, that your team has made, in order to be in the running for the prize.   


  1. Please be friendly and courteous.  Remember, you represent Christ.  

  2. Pass out invitations to church and tracts along the way.   We want to bring more people to Jesus by letting them know they are welcomed at our church. 

  3. We understand you want to win, but remember the spirit of the competition.    

  4. Bake your pie to the glory of God. 

There you go, it’s that easy! This was, by far, the easiest activity I have ever done. The teens had fun collecting ingredients and baking their pies and it was zero work on my part. All I had to do was judge the pies! Speaking of which, here’s a scorecard for the pies…

The Great Pie Bake-off 


Presentation                      ______ of 10

Inside Texture                  ______ of 10

Outside Texture               ______ of 10

Taste                                   ______ of 10

Creativity                           ______ of 10

                             Total:   ______