The Gauntlet is an awesome activity that can be modified to accommodate any teen group. The concept of the gauntlet is to play a series of games while competing for points. The team at the end of the night wins the Gauntlet.

For our Gauntlet we used these games:

1. Separation

Teams are competing head to head. First team to separate the fruit from the jello in the fruit and jello cups wins. Players can not use their hands save to open the plastic lids.

2. Bubble soccer

Play soccer with a major twist. Each player is in a bubble ball. The bubble balls can be rented or bought. This game can be played in a gym or outside.

3. Glow in the Dark Bowling

In a dark room have ten 2 liters with a little water and a giant glow stick in them. Either get a glow in the dark ball or tape glowsticks on a ball. Play is the same as bowling, except instead of one player going over and over have each player on team throw then combine their scores.

4. Alphabet Soup

Teams must spell as many four letter words as possible in a certain time.

5. Water Blow-out

For this game you will need clear plastic tubing and water. You may also add skittles if desired. The plastic tubing should be a decent size for the water and skittles to move through. Have each contestant place their mouth on each end of the tubing. The object is blow harder than your opponent so that the water that is colored by the skittles blows in your opponents face. Having extra tubing is a good idea so the previously used tube may be cleaned before the next game.

6. Egg Roulette

For this game you will need one dozen eggs for each team that you have. Hard boil half of the eggs and leave the other half raw. Get a leader from each team and have them sit in a chair. Take a trash bag and make a hole for their head to go through the bottom to act as a poncho. Each team member gets to choose and egg. The team member may then choose whose head they would like to put it on. If the egg that they put on the leaders head is raw then the person who smashed the egg gets points and the person who got the egg on their head gets negative points. And opposite if the egg that is put on the team leaders head is hard boiled. This one was intense!

7.Brave Heart

This game can be played with or without hover boards. We played both ways. All you need for this game is Burger King crowns and pool noodles. Each player puts a crown on their head and gets a noodle. The object of the game is hit the crown off the other players head. While it may seem this could get out of hand, it actually is great way for timid teens to come out of their shell.

8. Bible Jeopardy

Create Bible Jeopardy. Use different categories of questions and vary them in difficulty. Make each question worth a certain amount of points.

9. Peanut Butter Pong

Players must bounce pingpong balls onto a piece of bread tha has peanut butter spread on it. Points are awarded per ping pong and extra points are awarded for the winner.

10. Peep Wars

This is a classic in our Youth Department! All this game requires is a box of peeps, and a table. There are two rows of peeps in each box. Each team gets a row. Take four of the five peeps in each row and line them up on the edge of the short side of the table. With the peep that is left, each team will take turns sliding the peep down the table long ways, attempting to knock down the other teams peeps. First team to successfully knockdown all of the other teams peeps is the winner.

11. Going Off The Grid

Rules on YPLife

12. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Cup!

Rules on YPLife

13. Balloon Juggling

This game is played as a head to head between teams. Each contestant has three balloons that they have to keep up in the air. Contestants must continue to hit all three balloons. The winner is the person with the last balloon up. (Contestants are allowed to hit the others balloons, to try to knock their opponents balloons down).

14. Frozen T-shirt

Freeze some XXXL shirts. This is a head to head game. Each player must put the FROZEN shirt on in order to win.

15. Prison Ball

Tie balloons to the end of strings, then tie the end of string without the balloon to each contestants ankles. The objective is to pop the other teams balloons. The team with the last man standing wins.