In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 27 we find the trial and crucifixion of the lovely Lord Jesus Christ.
This chapter could be effortlessly  outlined like this:
1. The Turmoil
2. The Troubles
3. His Triumph
4. His Tomb
It is while the apostle Matthew is dealing (under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit) with “His Triumph” that a person is introduced to Simon, and they see an interesting thing said about him. Verse 32B
One Bible student wrote of this almost missed Bible character, “It would seem that on the memorable day when Simon carried the cross, Jesus captured the Cyrenian’s heart.”
The sister verse of Matthew 27:32 is Matthew 16:24.
Never forget: there will be no crown wears in eternity who first weren’t cross bearers on earth.
Friend, you and I (those of us that are saved) should be considered in the company of those who are like a man called, “Simon.”
There are three characteristics of cross bearers suggested from Simon:
1. The love of the cross.
A characteristic that is suggested about cross bearers is the love of the cross (Matthew 27:32). While the soldiers compelled Simon, the saint is brought to conviction in regards to all things related to Calvary by the Spirit of God. Those who go further in their Christian lives do so because of the keen awareness “SOMEBODY LOVES ME“.
2. The load of the cross.
A characteristic that is suggested about cross bears is the load of the cross Mark 15:21. It is estimated that this cruel Roman instrument of execution weighed 300 pounds. From Christ we learn there is always a burden when trying to get others to Calvary Luke 19:41.
3. The loyalty of the cross
A characteristic that is suggesting about cross bearers is the loyalty of the cross Luke 23:26. The hymn writer simply put it best “To the old rugged Cross, I will ever be true, it’s a shame and reproach gladly bear.“ Spiritual Benedict Arnold’s won’t be found in Christ’s camp Hebrews 13:13.