That Sounds Apeeling!


Eat The Banana


  • Bananas and chairs

How to Play:

Divide your youth group in teams of 7-10. A team should consist of only girls or only guys. Then give each team a banana. The team must then line up in age order with the youngest being first and the oldest last. When it is two girls teams have them each sit in a single file line behind each other. the first player who is the youngest has to pass the banana to the player behind her using only their feet. Once the second player has the banana she must then pass it to the next person using only her feet. Play continues like that until it reaches the last player. That player must eat the banana after peeling it with their feet. They are allowed to use their hands once the banana has been peeled to eat it.
**A twist you can do is have the players take their shoes off and pass the banana.**

For the guys teams have them lay down head single file feet to head. So the first player lays down then the second must lay down behind him with his feet above the first guys head and continue to the end. Start the banana at the beginning of the line and the teams must pass the banana over head to the player behind them using only their feet until it reaches the last player. That player must then peel the banana with his feet and eat the banana.

** A twist you can add to both guys and girls games is have the last player take one bite and then pass (BY HAND) the banana back down the line with each player taking one bite until the banana is gone. First team with clean mouths is the winner. ** May not want to use this twist until after the Corona scare is gone **