Thank God for one

Luke 17:11-19   (vs. 15) “And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God,”

I.     The Ten

These were lepers. Sick. Dying. Outcasts. Leprosy is a type of sin. It is a skin disease that kills from the inside out. It starts off undetectable and then grows more gross. Here we have 10 men. These 10 men are united by the fact that all of them are lepers. They are all dying. They are all sick, diseased and rejected. We were part of the 10. There was a time in our lives when we were sick. We were sinful. We were dying. We were on our way to Hell. Don’t ever forget that. You were on your way to Hell. You were gonna burn forever. You had a sin problem. You were to be rejected by God. All ten of these Lepers met Jesus. Jesus healed them all. They all were cleansed. They were all forgiven. They were all washed white as snow. The ten were healed because they placed their faith in Christ. To present themselves to the priest as clean without being clean meant death. Yet these went on their way to show the priests they were healed. As they went toward the city, Christ healed them of their dreaded disease. Their faith had been rewarded with cleansing.

II.      The Nine

What a glad and happy time. Realizing they had been cleansed and freed of their disease, they probably examined each other, celebrated and ran as fast as possible to tell the priest and every in the city that they had been healed. They were probably eager to get back to their jobs, wives, families, hobbies, money, LIFE.

III.     The One

As the nine began to run toward the city, one fell back from the crowd. Realizing that he had been healed, washed, cleansed. One turned back to Christ. He Gave His Attention To Christ (15) He Glorified Christ (15) He was Grateful to Christ (16)

IV.     The Questions

As the one bows to give attention, glory and thanks to Christ, Christ is amazed. “Were there not 10 cleansed”? “Where are the Nine”? He then answers himself, realizing there is only one.

V.     The Lesson

As leaders, we could spend our time focusing on the nine. I’m sure within our Youth Departments, Classes or Churches there are some who are a part of the nine. Those who are saved, forgiven, washed, cleansed, yet are focused on just themselves. They only care about their desires, their friends, money, job, pride, world.

We could preach hours on the nine and how shameful the nine are. You can and probably will eventually preach that sermon if you have not already.

But not today. No, today I would like to say….

Thank God for the One! Your youth group.  Your church. Your family. Many may have gone away from God, but they are there. They are trying to serve God. They want to serve God. Thank God for the one who gives their life’s attention to God. Thank God for the one who gives glory to God in their body and their spirit. Thank God for the one who is grateful to God for all He does and has done. Thank God for you. Thank you for loving the God that loved you. Thank you for serving God. Thank you for obeying the rules. Thank you for listening to men of God. Thank you for walking with God. Thank you for working a bus route. Thank you for teaching a Sunday School Class. Thank you for being a Youth Pastor! Thank you for being a coach, a teacher, a witness or whatever it is you do for the Lord. 

Thank you,

You are the One.     Thank God for the One.