What is YPLife?

Have you ever got online searching for a game or lesson idea only to be bombarded by ideas that make you wonder how any respectable adult could possibly promote such ideas and allow teenagers to do such things? OR… on the flip side… duck, duck goose and David and Goliath can only be repackaged so many times…

I have been working with teenagers for 15 years. I began when I was 18 year old leading a group of “Tweens that were too old for Junior church, yet too young for the Teen Department. For the last 8 years I have been the YP- Youth Pastor, at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. I love teenagers and I love being a blessing to the workers and YPs that serve the next generation.

I hope the articles and insights found on the sight will be a blessing and help to you and your teenagers as you seek to serve the Lord.